We are so excited to start our new junior String Ensemble next term! The group will take place in our bright and spacious studio at Maryhill Burgh Halls one Sunday per month and will be directed by tutor Emma Tomlinson who has a wealth of experience teaching and leading ensemble groups for children and young people. The group is aimed at all young string players who have been having lessons for a least six months and different music/ parts will be provided to ensure the group is suitable for children at different stages. Children who learn out with our school are also very welcome to attend. Being part of an ensemble helps to develop more than just children’s playing. It develops their ability to hear and understand how different musical parts come together cohesively to create a piece of music. It develops an understanding of melody and harmony, musical form and structure. It improves musical and mental stamina, focus and listening but most importantly, it is great fun! New friendships are formed as children learn and play together.

For more information or to book please contact us